Friday, March 11, 2011

Stress and Eating Habits

I don't know what causes you to be drawn to comfort foods but I am definitely a stress eater.  What's bad is a I recognize it but let it take me over anyway. Why is that?

Its not like I haven't been in the fitness industry since the mid 90's.  I know how to eat, how my body processes it and what kind of fuel makes my body work it's best. But stress is a monster that just takes over.

An example would be this week. I found out Monday that a gal I'm working with went out on maternity leave three weeks early.  Congrats, she had her baby on Sunday. Freak out for me, I have a large account I have to cover for her that we really didn't go over before she left. Major stress! What did I do first thing? Go out to lunch someplace I probably shouldn't have. What should I have done? Gone to the gym. What did I do the rest of the week? Went out to lunch....The cycle begins.

So, I'm coming to you today to try to stop this endless, mindless binge of crazy eating. Today I step away from the cheese and chocolate.  Step back into my TurboFire and Hip Hop Hustle workouts.  Oh, and not get near the scale for a few days! No need to scare myself silly. I have ten weeks of this.  Time to redirect my stress.

Are you a stress eater? What makes you run to pizza, cookies or ice cream? Have you sat there with the spoon ready to go in and just knew you were making a huge mistake? Knew you were taking the wrong step but did it anyway, only to fell guilty afterwards? Its like punishing yourself for being stressed.  Oh, the food makes me feel better, for five seconds, then I feel crappy because I know I should have reacted differently.  And the voices in my head start to say ugly things!

Today is the day I shut those ugly voices out! Join me in kicking those mean little bastards to the curb! Pink says it in her song "F**king Perfect" - Change the voices in your head, make them like you instead!

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