Friday, March 18, 2011

More on Stress and Eating Habits

OK, so it's been two weeks now that I've had more stress than normal at work.  Looks like eight more weeks.  If you read last weeks blog you know that I didn't handle it too well in the beginning.  So how am I doing now?

I tried a new strategy - working out instead of eating fast food (well, as much fast food). Out of four days this week I have worked out three.  I plan on going to the gym at lunch today too. I still need a bit of chocolate in the afternoon but I'm better than last week.

Where do I get my motivation?  I actually have a workout partner.  Oh, I can talk her out of working out if I really want to but this week I have tried to stick to the plan.  I've been very busy so sometimes I work through lunch.  I just try to make sure I spend at least thirty minutes in the evening getting some exercise. What's funny is I may not really feel like it but once I'm done I could do more. Endorphins I guess.

So, how are you handling your stress? What do you do to let off steam? Share your stories with me.  I always need inspiration!

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