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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stressing by the Candy Bowl

    I've talked about how hard it is for me to stay away from the candy bowl, Mexican food and pizza when I'm under stress but recently I found out there is more to it than that.
    When your body is under stress you release Cortisol.  When the immediate stress is gone the Cortisol should dissipate.  In some folks it doesn't and can cause symptoms of fatigue and pain (there's a very long list on-line of other symptoms).  There is treatment but most doctors don't check for it. You need to ask.
   My stress level changes daily. I think I cause part of it.  I get caught up doing things in the morning and start running late for work.  Once I get there the list of things to do grows with the quantity of emails I receive.  Then, instead of working late to get everything finished, I make plans with girlfriends to go to happy hour, shopping, have conference calls scheduled and house cleaning to do. The list goes on. The chocolate bowl at work - which is now almost empty and I have no intention of filling it -and fast food are my biggest temptations.  They are quick fixes but make me fell crappy afterwards.
    For two weeks now I have held back from the candy bowl and when I've craved a fast food run I've stuck to grilled chicken and salad. Its starting to pay off.  I have kept off the eight pounds I took off when I did the Shakeology cleanse and am working on additional pounds.  This week is a bit hectic fitting exercise in, hitting the gym for cardio at lunch mostly, but I'm working my way back to regular scheduled workouts. Its coming. Its a process...

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