Friday, February 11, 2011

Deciding on Your Fitness Goal

What is your ideal clothing size? 6, 8, 14? For men, 30, 34, 38? How are you choosing that goal?

Not too long ago Victoria's Secret had their famous modeling show on television. Have you ever watched that? Or perused their catalog? Of course you have! Who hasn't?  Not only are the outfits adorable but the women are breathtaking! But have you really looked at them?

A few years ago my daughter and I watched the show for the first and last time.  I'm not bashing the show -  it was an amazing presentation.  It was the size of the models that freaked us out.  You don't notice it as much in the catalog - airbrushing is a great tool - but on the television you could see how their hip bones jutted out and their ribs showed.  It was scary!  My daughter, at the time, was in her mid-teens and even realized these girls were too thin.

You know I admire women like Jaime Lee Curtis who showed her stuff in, I believe it was, More magazine, proving some of Hollywood looks like us - when they aren't airbrushed.

Magazines, movies and the internet try to tell us what is appropriate for being beautiful or handsome.  However, they take it to the extreme and make it totally unattainable for the majority of the population. Oh, I'm not saying we can't all have ripped abs and bulging biceps  because, if you are dedicated and you want that, it is possible.  I have many friends who do.  But for most of us its important to start to love who we are as we are.  Having self-esteme and loving ourselves is the first step in getting healthy.  Not letting Hollywood or some model tell you aren't good enough isn't tolerable.

Once you can love who you are and believe you are okay as you are can you move forward to a healthier you.  Eating better and adding movement to your daily routine will move you toward your goals.  Learning about your body type and they best styles to wear on it will help you feel more confident too.  Having realistic goals, small steps instead of far reaching goals you feel you will never get to, will build confidence too.

Say no to stereotypes and unreal images.  Start loving yourself and loving life!

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