Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hanging with Your Friends

I love to hang out with my friends...having dinner, shopping, going out for coffee, going on weekend trips.

Ever notice how many of those events center around food? I know most of mine do.  I love food; not just sweets but real meals.  There is nothing like getting together with a couple of loved ones and digging into a pizza or an ooey-gooey casserole on a cold evening.  I already know what you're thinking..."Isn't this supposed to be about getting fit?"  Sure it is but none of can ignore the way we were raised and the way we've been living.

For example, my mom asked every person who walked through our door if they were hungry and wanted something to eat.  It's what she did.  Unfortunately, you can tell I said yes more than once.  I love to have a large crowd at my house and feed them all the things I love to cook. Most of those things are cheesy.  Who doesn't love cheese?  And where has all this gotten me? Starting the new year with a new plan.

This year's plan is different than all the others.  First, I met a wonderful group of people who really want each other to succeed at their goals - personal and business.  I think that will be the most beneficial.  Not that my family and friends aren't supportive but we all have the same bad habits.  Who's going to be the strong one and say "no"?

Second, I am working on a 30 day accountability program to get more focus with the things that really make a difference; my health, exercising and working hard at the things I enjoy - fitness and writing.

I encourage you to thing about how you'd like this year to be different. Can I help you achieve any of your goals?  I'd love to try.

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