Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Parties

Christmas is only six days away.  Are you ready? Have you been to a Christmas Party or two?

I went to a party last night.  I ate before I went so I wouldn't over eat.  That worked out but I ended up having a few drinks that well made up for the calories I didn't eat. At least I didn't eat and drink.

I met a gal the other day that said she was going to wait to plan her 30 pound weight loss until the after New Year's because she knew she would be over-indulging over the next couple weeks.  Why do we do that?  Its not like we've never had this kind of food before or we've never had alcohol earlier in the year.  Traditions have made us feel we spend the year deprived of turkey, ham and all the trimmings.  Would it be less of a big deal if we made those holiday favorites a couple times throughout the year? If we made a plan to get together with friends and family more than once a year would that lessen the anxiety and the desire to over-indulge?

We had three parties at our house this year - Super Bowl, Memorial Day and Labor Day.  We invited just about the same people each time and varied our menu for the time of year. By the third party I barely ate.  The snacks were favorites, the alcohol flowed but it just didn't seem that important. In the past, even though I ate before my Christmas party, I would have snacked there anyway. I did have a lemon square, dessert, but the rest of it just wasn't that appealing.

For New Year's resolutions maybe we should vow to spend more time with the folks that mean the most to us and focus less on the food that's served.  Time goes by so fast and we are all so busy.  Sometimes its just nice to slow down and show your love to someone instead to something.

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