Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Let's do this together

I have found a new way to lose weight!

How many times have you said that?  I know I have a hundred times.  I've tried a hundred ways.  Some worked, for awhile, some didn't.  I don't believe there is a magic cure for everyone; we are all different. But I think I have found what will work for me, my last search. Oh, I'm no spring chicken - in my late forties - and I don't aspire to wear a size 5 and have a 20 inch waist.  I know my body type and what is right for me - that is not.  I want to be healthy, in the best shape I can be in and enjoy life. If you're at this point too then go on this journey with me.

Let me give you a bit of my background. I was raised in far west Texas by a mom who offered food to everyone all the time. I started struggling with my weight in elementary school. I remember asking a boy to like me (you remember those notes - "circle yes or no") and he told me I was fat. That was forth grade and I have struggled every since.

I've done liquid diets (the one from 1977 - disgusting!), Weight Watchers (4 times), grapefruit diets, lived in the gym and ate like a body builder, protein diets, low-carb diets, fat-free diets...I could go on. You've probably been there too.  I even went back to college to get a second bachelor's degree  - physical education - so I could learn how the body worked to figure out what exercises were best and how the body burned calories. I was an aerobics instructor and a personal trainer for awhile too.

I came to realize a few things in all my endeavours:
I am not built like a Victoria's Secret model - no matter how thin I become,
It's a lot of work to have a body-builder's body (I'm am way too lazy),
I need to have fun - if I'm to stick to anything.

So a friend gave me her TurboJam collection. Tons of fun!  I love to dance, wiggling it here and there - and TurboJam is a bit dancy and alot of calorie burn. I did that for a while (still do some days) and found a friend doing TurboFire.  Wow!  Now that's a work out!  Still a bit dancy but serious calorie burning. I do them at home so no one sees my lovely, un-matching, ill-fitting workout wear. I joined the gym closest to my work.  I got a couple of the other gals there to join to and we go at lunch - accountability.  So if I don't feel like doing a workout at home I will, definitely, get one at work.

Of course there is the issue of what to eat.  I have discovered two things. Skip fast food and life is much better all around.  That was the first.  The Second - Shakeology! This drink is packed so full of good nutrition you can't help but want to eat better. It curbs my sugar cravings and helps me feel full.  There are 2 flavors and dozens of recipes. 

So, if you're tired of yo-yo dieting and feeling tired and sluggish, join me! I'll post periodic picks and you can send me yours!

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