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Sunday, June 19, 2011

How Low Can You Go - Part 4

    OK, you've been reading my blog and you've truly been working on your self-esteem.  You truckin' along; you feel like your making progress. What happens when you hit a wall?

    Wall, you ask? What kind of wall? How big is the wall? Am I strong enough to climb over it? Or is it too thick and I have to start all over again? Do I have the strength?

    The wall today is the one made by someone else.  You've been working on feeling good about yourself - remember, I'm beautiful and sexy.  And, just maybe, there is someone in your life that believes your beautiful and sexy too. Life couldn't be any better. What happens when they walk away from you? Does that mean they think you are  no longer beautiful and sexy? Do you begin to believe you aren't beautiful and sexy? Because everyone knows "beautiful and sexy" people have perfect lives (joking - take a look at the tabloids).

    We need to examine why this loser walked away. If you can honestly say you didn't push them away, is this just something they do? Are they prone to walk out of good relationships? Have they make wrong/poor choices in the past? Is this a pattern for them? Probably so.

    So...don't beat yourself up. You are still BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY inside and out.  They just don't know what they're missing.

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