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Saturday, June 4, 2011

How Low Can You Go - Part 2

    Self-esteem.  For some of us its a dirty word.  Mostly because we feel we can't control it.  It controls us.

   You know what I mean, the day starts out pretty good.  You wake up fifteen minutes early, your hair looks great and you're early for work.  Its a good day. Then Mr/Ms Perfect waltzes into the office. The person you compare yourself to.  He/she is always put together, everyone likes them, their marriage is perfect, their kids are brilliant. You disappear when they walk in. Or so you think.

    The question is why are you comparing yourself to this person that makes you feel so awful. Why do you think they are better than you? Its that inner voice, the bully, the mean-spirited little gremlin that likes to ruin your day.  He's done now, hasn't he?

    Time to bounce this voice of doom. Why, you ask? After all, you've lived with him since you were a kid.  You're attached to his habit of ruining your day. You've grown accustomed to him bursting your bubble.  Don't you want to be happy - have inner happiness? Sure you do. Getting rid of "Mr Negativity" will free you to respect and learn to love yourself.

    How? When the negative thoughts creep in think positive thoughts to replace them. When that nasty little creep says, 'You can't do it', fight back with 'Yes I can!' When you look in the mirror and he tells you, 'look at those wrinkles and double chin', yell back,'I have beautiful eyes, great skin, and great hair!' You have beauty and great qualities.  Find out what they are. If you can't think of any (that pesky little bastard has you convinced) ask your family and friends to be honest and give you a list.  You have them! We all do.  

   Take the power to be happy away from the little monster and accept and love yourself.  Reality is we all have flaws, even Mr/Ms Perfect.  We can all learn to love ourselves.  We are valuable and worthy of love and loving ourselves.  Start to respect yourself.  Love yourself. Tell yourself everyday you are worthy.  Affirming and complementing yourself, having positive thoughts, are a step in the right direction of a healthy love affair with you. Who will love you if you don't love you?


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